Proper House Orientation


In simple terms, the way we "put" a building in a plot (orientation , connection with public spaces , correlation with other residences ) , ensures the conditions of balanced sunshine during the day. The objective of an architectural study is to organize the house plans in a way to ensure desirable sunshine conditions for the various types of living spaces. All bedrooms and living spaces should be directed to the garden and towards the sunshine sides , while the auxiliary spaces should be directed towards the street but in such a way so as to be  lighted up sufficiently by the sun , mainly at the duration of their utilisation. Certain tables allow the precise determination of sunshine exposure of any section of a house during a certain time interval through all seasons. In this way it is possible to decide the best placement of a specific space so as to attract the best sunshine conditions, taking into consideration the neighbouring buildings , trees , etc. One must also take into consideration the direction of prevailing winds.

House Orientation