Ancient and Modern , rustic and elegant , minimal yet rich in detail , Greek Style is remarkable for the exciting contrasts and electric mix of influences. In a country where one is never more than 140 miles from the sea , the intense azure of water and the brilliance of sunlight are the primary elements of style. To these essentials are added dazzling white and delicate ,pastel-shaded walls, cool floors of stone or mosaic , colourful striped fabrics and charming examples of folk art.



We start and we travel all the way , from site selection , planning , designing , marketing and sales. Each piece of real estate property in Greece has actually a “brand name” of its own, has its own value which is not related to changing market trends or mere speculation, but has a value that cannot be cancelled by the ups and downs of the market, and cannot be easily compared with investing in any other Balkan country.

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You are invited to discover the dramatic geographical range of Greece , from the modern mainland , with its mountains and oriental influences , to the Cyclades ,Evia, Ionian and Dodecanese islands , with their white-washed fishing villages clinging to rocky hills.

Here too are centuries -old family estates , the turquoise and pink studio of a local artist , and the cliff-top and beach front dwellings of newcomers  - travelers so infatuated with the Greek lifestyle that they have converted farmhouses, seafarer’s homes and even a tiny pigeon house into novel holiday retreats.

All of these , from the modest one room village house to the rock-carved hideaway and luxurious villa perched over the sea , celebrate the unforgettable and enduring stylistic tradition of Greece.

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