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The construction sector is at the core of the activities of Techniki s.a.  

We seek and achieve to combine pure construction activity with time and financial programming of individual activities of each project. The areas where the Company operates in this industry is management and construction of building works, transportation and waste-water infrastructure projects. 

This activity is supported by inter-company monitoring and control structures of the qualitative characteristics of the project. We check on a daily basis the time course of individual operations and of the financial discipline of suppliers and human and mechanical resources in order to achieve the objectives of the budget of each individual construction activity and therefore of the whole project.

Construction is a combination of sciences. Architecture, engineering and finance are inextricably linked together. Any Project must fulfill a function which among other things is to protect people by creating closed but interconnected spaces and satisfy other basic physiological needs such as connecting persons and goods, or even to send a message to the everyday person through varied and substantial forms.

For a limited time, days, weeks, months or years, a construction site is equivalent to a medium-sized company that results in a production that is valued in millions of euros, and that focuses not on the mass production of a recurring product but in the production of a single unique structure.   

This business requires not only exceptional technical expertise, but also the ability to manage an ever-changing production in a constantly evolving organization, and with the contemporary presence of uncertainties.



Since our foundation date we offer to our clients a combination of values among which the most important are the concentration on his/her needs and our focus to high quality construction services. 

Our primary goal is to offer the finest quality construction combined with minimum total cost and on time.  

We execute all projects to meet all industry standards for safety, workmanship and regulatory compliance.



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Our Mission

It is our belief that a careful evaluation of any project before it begins will lead in an optimum result, concerning its final construction and operating cost . 

Our project planning, will deliver excellence to our clients beyond their expectations.

The true reflection of our success is the development of long lasting relationships built on a solid foundation of trust. 

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